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The Pursuit for Design Excellence
A great design office is one that embodies a great design community. In all our work we believe in two tenets - first, an open and free flowing interaction between design team members and second, a tenacious and relentless process in pursuit of design excellence. A Building may be bad without doing anything wrong, while yet another work may have to sin against architecture to reach perfection!“ SCAC creates exceptional environments that meet the most complex planning and design challenges.
SCAC is a fully integrated architectural design firm providing services in the field of Architecture and Interior Design.

Professional emphasis is placed on visual and functional elements of design to create Exterior and Interior spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic to the environment. Experience of the firm includes commercial and residential developments, office buildings, corporate structures, residences, healthcare facilities, hospitality, entertainment and variety of other projects. SCAC brings an in-depth understanding of prevalent technologies and an integrated design approach for projects of all scale. We do not believe in compromising on architectural integrity and originality of thought.

We give our clients the edge of knowledge and the assurance of knowing that the end result will be a profitable, self sustaining building that requires minimal maintenance and stays modern for the decades to come.

From thought to finish is a seamless process that entails a painstaking research, flawless coordination and quick solutions to unforeseeable problems’ all delivered within the stipulated timeframe and desirable budget. Meeting the needs of today without endangering the natural resources for tomorrow’s generation is our aim for sustainable design.